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Prenatal Classes
at the Arcade Sages-Femmes

We are a team of midwives who are passionate about birth preparation. We train and meet regularly to share best practices and enrich one another to maintain a high-level of quality in our services.

Purpose of the prenatal classes through theory and practice 

Through conversation and exercises (in groups or private lessons), we provide insights into each stage of the birth experience:

  • We help future parents feel more confident and prepared for the birth of their infant

  • We empower them to make informed choices

  • We support mothers-to-be to be aware of the wisdom of their bodies

  • We help refine birth plans by listening to individual needs

  • We strengthen parenting skills

  • We strengthen the roles of fathers-to-be or co-parents

  • We recommend attending the class after 32 weeks of pregnancy

Who are these prenatal classes designed for?

  • First time parents-to-be, including

    • Heterosexual couples

    • LGBTQI+ couples

    • Single mothers-to-be

  • Parents who already have children but would like a refresher

  • Women wishing to give birth with or without an epidural

  • Parents who are well-informed but need clarification

  • Busy parents who have not yet had time to think about the birthing process


  • The price of the class varies based on the number of people and the number of hours.

  • The basic insurance (LAMal) reimburses CHF150 for birth preparation. Additional reimbursements may be provided by complementary health insurance.

  • 5-hour group classes cost CHF 350.- for a family.(the number of sessions varies depending on the class )

  • 10-hour group classes cost CHF 420.- for a family (the number of sessions varies depending on the class).

  • Private lessons, at home or at the Arcade Sages-femmes, cost CHF120 per hour (1-3 sessions usually)

Private prenatal courses

Our private prenatal courses are tailored to your needs. They will take place at your home or at the Arcade Sages-femmes. Depending on your availability, topics covered, and bodywork preferences, private courses typically run for a total of 1 to 4 hours.

We will work with you to identify a midwife who can both lead your birth preparation course and ideally (based on availability) come to your home post-birth to provide postpartum care. Note: Basic insurance covers 16 home visits for 56 days after your infant is born.

For additional information about group or private lessons and registration please call us at:
+41 (0)22 329 05 55

Evening and weekend prenatal courses (9-10 hours)

Dear parents-to-be,

This prenatal class will allow us to go in-depth into a number of topics that concern pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period (the ‘golden month’ and ‘fourth trimester’).

We will discuss end of pregnancy experiences, preparing for labour and birth, and when and how to develop a birth plan. We will inform you about the differences between birthing locations (HUG Maternity, private clinics, birth centres, home birth) and types of birth. 

We aim to prepare you for the birth you wish to have: 

  • by presenting you with the different possible courses of action,

  • by giving you time and information to reflect on what is important to you,

  • by allowing you to experiment with breathing techniques and postures that help the woman through labour, that help the baby through the birth process, and that promote a smooth labour and birth. 

We help the birth partner understand how important their role is and help them to acquire tools to assist in the birth process.

We will also discuss and help you to prepare for the highs and lows of the “fourth trimester,” a special but often intense period that lasts for several weeks after you baby is born.

We will share with you tips for preparing for labour, birthing highlights, and difficulties. We will also discuss and explore the rhythms of new born babies and their breastfeeding/nutritional needs.


To book a class please go to AGENDA. 


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