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About English-Speaking Evening and Weekend Prenatal Classes with Valerie and Mirka

Valerie Poffet is a mother of two and a midwife with over 20 years of experience in midwifery. She worked for 10 years at HUG Maternity and has worked as an independent midwife, as a member of Arcade Sages-femmes, for the past 12 years. To enhance her practice, Valerie has studied midwifery in Switzerland, the UK (Developmental Baby Massage), the US, Italy, and Spain (WATSU® practitioner diploma). 

In her work with Arcade Sages-femmes, Valerie draws on her professional and lived experience to support and empower English-speaking future parents so that they can make the most of their birthing experience in Geneva.

Valerie’s five interactive evening prenatal group sessions will help future parents to:

  • Strengthen confidence and birthing/parenting skills

  • Make informed choices and express preferences about birth and the post-partum period

  • Gather relevant information about pregnancy and childbirth in Geneva

  • Anticipate administrative steps

  • Equip birthing partners with effective tools to support mother and baby

The groups are limited to 3 to 5 couples to allow everyone to ask questions, address concerns, and connect with other future parents. Groups are also open to single and adoptive future parents.

Future parents are welcome to attend with their partner/spouse or the person of their choice.

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at the Arcade Sage-femme. 











Mirka  Athanasi is a registered UK midwife since 2010. Mirka did her midwifery training in the UK and worked in a large London hospital for 5 years before becoming an independent midwife. Mirka has moved to Geneva 4 years ago where she registered as a midwife and started working with the Arcade sage-femme organisation. 

Mirka believes that antenatal classes are a great way to prepare you and your partner for the birth and life with your baby and to get to meet other parents-to-be.


Mirka's interactive classes are designed to prepare you for the journey ahead, including pregnancy, birth, and life with baby. Classes will help you to make informed choices and answer your questions. ​


Mirka has been teaching antenatal classes to parents-to-be  for 10 years and led many lectures targeted to student midwives and midwives on how to teach antenatal classes. My years of practical experience working on delivery suit, birth center, and community will bring the whole experience to life.

Mirka offers a set of 3 classes lasting  180 minutes each (9 hours in total) + 2 hour optional fourth class in a group.

Classes are held on Saturdays in the Arcade Sage-femme or in Bernex. 

To book a class please go to AGENDA

Mirka Athanasi
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